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Why Us


We have a tremendous work experienced team from the Branded travel industry further to this our work experience, dedicated passion towards the travel trade & our style of working what makes us Unique.

Here are few reasons to travel with us.


Discovering New Dimensions:-

• Innovative, Creative and Tailor made itineraries
• Sightseeing visits to places of cultural/Heritage importance
• Professional and smooth handling of the tour program
• Sense of security
• Reliability and surety of services
• Innovation and creative activities on the tour
• Experienced and reliable Tour Managers accompanying the Group
• Pre departure briefing on Do’s & Don’ts during the tour
• Strong network of our associates in India covering major locations



Experiments in Wonder-Labs:-
• Comfortable and smooth travel arrangements
• Confirmed accommodation with optimal plans
• Booking of activities specific to destinations
• Professional escorts with full knowledge of destination specifics
• Innovation, Creative and Tailor-made Itineraries
• Specialized in handling Adventure, Sports, Trekking and Rafting Tours
• All services under one roof.



Results & Goals:-
• Experiential learning
• Development of leadership qualities
• Development of skills in target setting, time management and decision making under pressure
• Self-development through improved self-esteem, trust and confidence
• Attitudinal change in the self assessment and others in the team
• Learn to survive in less resources & conquer fears
• Encourages personal growth & enhance their Leadership Skills
• Increases camper self-confidence, Independence and caring for others
• Encourage camper participation and cooperation
• Minimum impact outdoor living & decision making abilities
• Improve upon communication and creative skill
• Importance of being an Eco Friendly
• Respect for others and the environment
• Unplug from technology – When kids take a break from TV, cell phones, and the Internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world— real people, real activities, and real emotions. They realize, there’s always plenty to do.


Pre Tour: A complete Tour orientation and briefing will be carried out for all participating students and concerned teachers at the school premises by Every Square Inch This will be conducted 10-14 days before departure.

Accommodation: Accommodation on the trip is in clean, decent hotels chosen on the basis of comfort. In camps, we have comfortable tents, carpeted and equipped with mattresses, quilts and bio-friendly products with lantern/ solar lanterns for the evenings. Our camps are set up amidst picturesque environs that promise the thrill of outdoor camping.

Sumptuous Food: In the hotels we ensure wholesome daily meals that could be a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as per the Camp Policy. At camp we would arrange fresh food prepared and served in hygienic conditions.

Medical Aid: During the adventure activities, our outdoor team is certified and trained in First Aid/CPR courses for immediate attention. Should there be an emergency we would ensure a quick travel to the nearest hospital.

Safety: Safety is given utmost priority on our trips. Our strict safety code of conduct that the students have to follow while on tour, the state-of-the-art equipment with our suppliers and qualified instructors whenever and where ever required all to ensure utmost safety and care for the student.

Scholar’s Way to Nature: Our effort avoids carrying polybags & do not litter any where during the trip to make our trips low impact & eco friendly. We also recommend environmental conservation includes the use of solar energy, solar cookers, solar lanterns at the campsites & plantation of trees.

Utilities: The toilets in the camps are eco-friendly flush toilet units and sensible disposal of camp litter is integral parts of our operations. There is running water facility and also have hot shower units.

Essentials: This would be itinerary specific and would be communicated to the school in advance with the detailed programme.



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